Regular, Regulars- Larry Sackler

1. Where are you from? What brought you to this area?

I was born in this neighborhood.  My grandparents purchased our home in 1920.  I briefly flirted with the notion of defection to California, but my teaching career anchored me to Brooklyn. No regrets.

2. Tell us something about yourself. (It could be anything.)

Currently, I'm singing and writing songs for my band White Trash Acres, Although we've been groomed for obscurity- were prone to pop up in bars and street rumbles throughout Brooklyn.

3. What is your favorite drink and why?

Well... I'm a drink-slut. One day I'm drinking Earl Grey tea- come Tuesday- I'll crave a Latte .... or a Hot Chocolate. No loyalty whatsoever. Iced Lavender Mint tea in the warm months is a keeper.

4. Tell us about a memorable conversation or experience you had at Coffee Mob.

Coffee Mob is akin to the fictional enchanted Hamlet of Brigadoon... but with caffeine. Vibrant conversations with strangers reinforces the magical vibe. Very often the entire room weighs in on the same conversation. A small town feel in the city. And- this is a great place to network with other musicians and artists.'

5. is there anything you want to promote/plug? (i.e. a project you're working on, your blog, kindness...)   We can also be found on YouTube.


Larry Sackler

Larry Sackler

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